LACCD ADA Advisory Committee

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The purpose of the LACCD ADA Advisory Committee is to provide feedback to the District related to its ADA Transition and Self Evaluations including those completed for each of the nine college campuses.  This important feedback will help finalize the plans prior to LACCD Board approval.  The goal will be to provide a college system with Universal Design considered in all facility planning and designing and an integrated work and classroom system that allows students and employees to participate.

Initial meetings will be held on a quarterly basis with subcommittees meeting on a more frequent basis as needed.  As plans are finalized, meetings will be held on a semi-annual basis.

The ongoing purpose of the committee will be to assist the District with feedback on the status of the plans and new programs/systems as they are developed and incorporated into the Districts everyday business. 

Composition of the committee will include:

District Office Department Representatives

College DSPS Directors Representative

Students with disabilities having an interest in representing their campuses

Interested Citizens

Representative from area Independent Living Center:

Communities Actively Living Independent and Free

Representative from Braille Institute

Braille Institute Los Angeles

Representative from area Deaf Community

Representative from area Mental Health Service Provider

San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center

Please contact the LACCD's ADA Compliance Administrator if you are interested in serving on the ADA Advisory Committee:

David Serrano
Interim ADA Compliance Administrator (Coordinator)
Los Angeles Community College District
770 N. Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 891-2461
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A parking garage attandant is on duty during all normal working hours in the Educational Service Center's parking garage.  Employees and the general public who have arranged to park in the building who need assistance because of a disability can ask the attendant to assist them. 

Meeting Agenda

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Minutes 3-20-15

Agenda 9-26-2014
Minutes 9-26-2014

Agenda 3-21-2014

Minutes 3-21-2014

Agenda 9-20-2013

Minutes 9-20-2013

Agenda August 9, 2013