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Important Information about health benefits in Adjunct Spring 2014 Newsletter

Important - Read about the CalPERS Dependent Eligibility Project 

Important Information  

CalPERS 60/90 Rule affects when you may apply for benefits or change your benefits. Active employees, Retirees, and COBRA participants, read about the CalPERS 60/90 Rule.



Please be advised that if an active employee or a retiree under 65 years of age enrolls in PERSCare, he/she must pay the difference between PERSCare and PERS Choice.

PERSCare is a plan designed to work along with Medicare. In order to enroll in the PERSCare medical plan with District-paid premium, you must be 65 years of age or older with Medicare A & B.

Find Open Enrollment Information and Documents Here
Frequently Asked Questions About Medicare (link will take you to website)