The Personnel Commission
of the Los Angeles Community College District
Invites Applications for
 Personnel Commissioner

What is the Personnel Commission? ...Why do we have it? What does a Personnel Commissioner do?

Like other merit systems throughout the United States, the Personnel Commission of the Los Angeles Community College District had its roots in the excesses of political patronage.  California was a leader in the national movement to implement the merit system in school districts when as a result of disgraceful patronage system in the Los Angeles Unified School District over 700 employees were fired on the day after a school board election. 
The merit system is a personnel management system which is based on a number of core principles and public service values which guide how decisions related to employment are made. It plays an essential role, not only by protecting against political patronage, but also by ensuring that employees are hired and can advance based on their ability to do the work rather than non-merit based considerations or favoritism.  The processes, practices, rules, and procedures that comprise the merit system are established in a unique business environment that is designed to insure fairness, access, and transparency in decision making.  The merit system has been the foundation of a competent, professional, non-partisan public service for almost a century. Today, the authority for the Personnel Commission emanates from Article 4, Chapter 4, Sections 88060 through 88139 inclusive of the California State Education Code.
A Personnel Commissioner, in collaboration with two other Commissioners, is responsible for formulating policy and rendering decisions on matters within the purview of the District’s merit system.  The Commission meets twice monthly for approximately two hours to conduct business.  Responsibility for daily operations of the Personnel Commission staff is delegated to the Personnel Director.

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