Campus Facility Standards Matrix

 The Campus Facility Standards Matrix are provided by each of the nine colleges as a guide for what is generally accepted, the individual college’s preferences and their list of approved manufacturers.

Please be advised the Facility Campus Standard Matrix is a living document; therefore please check with the Director of Maintenance & Operations to verify the version posted is the most recent. 

Deviations are not permitted. In the rare case, when there is a valid need to deviate from these Standards, a written request will need to be submitted in writing and a formal written approval will be will be required by the Campus Maintenance & Operations (M&O).

Conversely, these Standards are not to be deviated from for the purpose of Value Engineering.

ELAC campus standards matrix 04-2017
LACC campus standards matrix 12-2016
LAHC campus standards matrix 11-2016
LAMC campus standards matrix 10-2016
LAPC campus standards matrix 12-2016
LASC campus facility standards 11-2016
LATTC campus standards 06-2016
LAVC campus standards matrix 08-2016
South Gate Educational Center campus standards matrix 04-2017
WLAC campus standards matrix 06-2016